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Visit to Gurudwara

“Happiness cannot be travelled to owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living each moment with gratitude and acknowledging the presence of all mighty God”
Students of UKG visited “GURUDWARA” on Nov.29, 2018 on occasion of Guru Nanak Jayanti. All of them visited Gurudwara Sahib with covered head, joined hands and sparkling eyes and bowed down with respect in front of reversed Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. The main purpose of the visit was to accustom the tiny tots to start with prayer at an early age, seek blessings of the almighty and acquaint them with the significance of these Holy places. Children were involved in a small prayer in which all of them diligently participated. They all knelt down for taking the blessings of God and were delighted to receive the Prasad. All the children had Langar in the Langar Hall. It was a pleasant and an enriching experience for the children as they learned about community eating.

Brown Day Celebration

Brown is the colour of earth, wood and stones. Shades of brown convey beauty of nature. As a part of the colour day, kindergarten celebrated the “Brown Colour Day” on Nov 27,2018. All the children and teachers came dressed in brown colour and they enjoyed. Children were surprised to see the magic of mixing colours ‘Blue, Yellow and Red to get a new colour ‘Brown’ out of it. An activity was planned related to brown colour for better understanding. Children enjoyed a lot while identifying the various brown colour objects like –monkey, teddy, bag, chocolate, shoes, bear etc.


The little chefs of DIS have enjoyed the activity of making Coconut Ladoos . While doing the activity they came to know about the ingredients used in it such as coconut powder, dry fruits and milkmaid. Such activities help them in enhancing culinary skills. Little chefs followed the instructions of the teacher and made the ladoos with their little hands. The students have relished the yummy treat.

Fruit Chaat Activity by LKG and UKG

We, at DIS, believe in hands-on, experiential learning. Our children have been learning about fruits as part of our ongoing theme ‘Healthy and junk food!’. A Fruit Chaat Making Activity was organized for the children on Oct 26,2018 where the kids were served with fruit chaat comprising of all nutritious fruits including apple, banana, orange and many others.. The purpose of this activity was to strengthen identification of fruits .The teachers also discussed with them about the taste of the fruits. The activity focused on enhancement of the child’s vocabulary with words like washing, peeling, cutting, dicing, picking, mixing, etc. All the kids had great fun and they enjoyed it to the fullest.