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Activity Senior Students

Preparation of organic Pesticides by Class VIII

” For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them”
Today an activity was performed with the students of 8th std. in Science online class. The topic was preparation of ‘Organic Pesticides’. The process was explained and demonstrated by the science teacher in the class. The advantages of organic pesticides and disadvantages of chemical pesticides were discussed. Students also performed the activity along with teacher and it was a good interactive session.

Virtual Class on Multiplication of Whole Numbers

“Activities are the highest expression of human development in childhood”
An activity by the students of Class VII of Dwarka International School was conducted on the Topic of Multiplication of a whole number with a fraction. The activity was conducted under the supervision of the faculty in the virtual class. The students participated with zeal and enthusiasm. The objective of the activity was to encourage the kids to enhance their arithmetic and creative skills. The students thoroughly enjoyed the activity.