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‘Life efforts no greater reponsibility no greater privilege than the raising of the next generation’

Parenting Tips

Childhood is a journey of happiness and delight, learning and exploring and most importantly of being loved and adored by parents and acquaintances. A blissful childhood is conducive to a joyful adulthood. To be more precise, the memories of childhood decide one’s personality and form a positive perspective towards life. The school, being the formal centre of learning calls for certain ethics which need to be imbibed for a pleasurable learning experience. The little one, who is hitherto, in the protected arms of parents and play school, and is set to join the formal school, needs to be prepared to acclimatize to the new and different environment of a formal school. The school therefore takes the onus to apprise the young parents to edify the toddlers.

Words of Wisdom

As your child joins formal school, kindly ensure they always remain hale and hearty mentally as well as physically:
 Always escort your child while dropping him/her at the bus-stop, while picking your child kindly be five minutes prior at the bus stop as being punctual will instil in your child the attribute of valuing time and also strengthen the bond between you and your child.
Spending quality time with children will develop confidence in them. Derive pleasure in listening to your child with utmost attention, narrate stories, anecdotes, share your experiences and allow him/her to exercise freedom of expression.
Be patient with your child, initial days might witness your child getting fatigued and cranky but with the passage of time and proper care taken the child will be able to cope up.
As too much of everything is bad, so it will do more harm than good if the child is involved in activities in abundance, for they will struggle and try to escape from these activities.
 A child needs love, support, endearment and affection to accustom himself/herself to the school system. Regular counselling by parents and communicating with educators can work wonders.
One of the foremost features of a happy childhood is a sound physical health which can be accomplished by planning a balanced diet for the little one:
Train your child about the significance of a diet rich in proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and fat.
Teach your child to have meals at a fixed time, unnecessary snacks in between meals might mar the appetite of the child resulting him to skipping the main meal.
Encourage your child to avoid foods containing too much sugar, fried foods and junk food.
Make delicious fruit chaats, salads, oat meals, cereals to inculcate healthy food habits.
Ensure your child has his healthy share of drinking water to flush off toxins and cleanse the body.
Avoid junk food; however, once in a while you can take your child to any restaurant to relish some mouth-watering food.
Breakfast should never be skipped as it will lead to serious health problems. Always remember breakfast provides the body and brain with the fuel after an overnight fast. A healthy breakfast is therefore essential for cognitive development.
Teach your ward the importance of exercise as it builds endurance and develops a healthy body.
Children are fond of chocolates; they should be taught about the harmful effects of chocolates and should be refrained from consuming it frequently. However, once in a while chocolates can be given to satisfy the sweet tooth.
A disciplined lifestyle is indicative of high cognitive abilities and if adapted religiously will foster in the child respect for virtues as responsibility, conscientiousness, as well as regularity:
Ensure your child gets adequate sleep; bed-time should definitely be fixed. It is advisable to put your child to sleep between 8:30 to 9 p.m.
Avoid watching television or playing computer games before sleep lest, it should disturb his sound sleep
Encourage your child to read books during bed-time. Read out any story, poem before sleep. Scientific research has proved bed-time stories not only foster parent-child bonds but it indeed plays a crucial part in brain development.
Foster the habit of reading by exemplifying yourself. Read with your child and help him/her in enriching vocabulary and enhancing reading skills.
Please inculcate in the child awareness for dental hygiene. Make your child brush twice, in the morning before breakfast and in the night after dinner.
Please let your children sleep in loose fitting clothes as they will provide them with comfort. The bed should be cosily made with dirt-free and clean spreadsheets.
Ensure your child has good hours of sound sleep, singing lullabies to the little one will intensify the bond between you and your child.
Toys play a crucial role in the upbringing of a child. Playing with toys can be an enjoyable means of training young children for life in society.
Provide toys that reflect the love and nurturing of your family. Children’s imagination and social skills thrive when they play with toys.
Toys like building blocks help the children build motor skills and hand-eye coordination while there are toys which develop reasoning and critical thinking.
Let them chisel their creativity and sharpen their intellect with the help of toys.

We do believe with such small little acts we can bring a difference in the lives of our children. Once, children learn the concept of high thinking and simple living they will be able to conquer the vices and emerge as an upright personality.

Wishing you and our toddlers all the best for an enriching journey of enlightenment we always seek your solidarity and co-operation.

Parent’s View of Akshata Sambya l(V-Tulip)


Parent’s view of Shruti Chandel ‘s mother of class V-lily on SANSKRITI Annual Function- 2012

Firstly, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the esteemed panel for bestowing me with this great honor of being called as parent guest for today’s evening.

I would also like to congratulate, the Principal Ms. Ritu Mehta, Head Mistress Mrs. Archana Rathi and their entire team on this great occasion

It was an excellent programme. I have ever attended before by blooming buds. It gives parents a great sense of satisfaction and happiness when their children achieve all-round development by the efforts of the school staff.

I am confident that under the leadership of Ms. Mehta the school will continue to grow and flourish and attain pinnacles of success.

Personally, on behalf of every parent here, I would like to thank the committed team of Dwarka International School in grooming our children to be amazing and responsible citizens of our nation.

Thank you and have a wonderful evening.

Parent’s view of Gunjan Sharma Father of class XI-Science on SANSKRITI Annual Function- 2012

Honourable Guests, respected Chairman Sir, Principal Ma’am, the teaching staff, proud parants and my dear children.
A very good evening -First of all I would like to thank the administration for giving me a chance to speak about my experiences with DIS.
Two and a half years back, when I got posted here, my daughter was in 9th, it was a bit late into the session and our first priority was to get her admitted in a good school. So, before we could settle in, we set out searching for a school. Then we came across this beautiful, majestic building. It looked beautiful, it had that ‘International’ word in its name and most of all, it was the nearest from my home. So, we did no survey, no feedback and decided for this school. The decision was purely administrative.

When I look back now, I do not regret. When I see my daughter being groomed as a brighter student, better human being and a finer leader, I feel proud of my decision.

And when my second daughter had to start her schooling, the obvious choice was DIS. We are perhaps the only parents here, who have one child in the highest class and the other one in the lowest. My elder daughter Gunjan is in 11th and younger one Garima is in UKG.

Both my daughters have different requirements and constraints. And I am happy to say that the Teaching and Administrative staff here has been very understanding and empathetic to their diverse needs. You made them what they are and I am proud of what they are.

हम ने तो आपको अनगढ़ पत्थर दिए थे, आपने उन्हें तराशा और इस लायक बनाया के वो इस मुल्क की बुनियाद को मज़बूत कर सके. शुक्रिया.

My wife joins me in thanking you for giving us this honor, I feel proud to stand here in front of you…more so when I stand here as father of the first Head Girl of DIS.
Parent’s View on Annual Function

The Annual Day held on 16th Nov 2010 was really outstanding.The theme chosen was unique.The pains taken to train the kids was commendable.The students did a marvelous job.We enjoyed the programmes from the start to the end.The welcome song was really well sung by the school orchestra.

The dances were too well organised.I think the best part was the students reading out the school annual report.All in all, the whole event was really wonderful.
Anyway, I just thought that the kids achievements could have been highlighted evenmore.For example the prizes the medals could have been given that day.So the children could get more encourged.Overall a fantastic performance from the whole school.

Thank you

Parent’s as partners in school growth

Parents and teachers co-operation is essential for all-round development of a student’s personality.The school desires a continous interaction between the teacher and the parent in order to develop an atmosphere conductive to education and student’s welfare.To bring out the best in the child,family influences should hep inculcate in him/her the desirable behaviour patterns,healthy habits and positive attitude in personal and social life.

Parents do interact more with children,they do care much more for them, they do teach children daily chores and guide them in interpersonal skills. Parents see their children as extension of themselves.Over ambitiousparents cruelly push children to vicariously satisfy their self esteem.Parents,however spend less time with thier children due to thier busy schedule.Whatever amount of time is spent with the children, it is quality of time in other matters which is important.We should not judge or measure chikdren by adult’s standards.Here are some tips for parents and other interacting adults.

Have faith in your chil’s capabilities.Do not over-react to the child’s mistakes.Parents only need to be vigilant and support the child whereever necessary.Involve your child in daily chores at home.Do not be impatient with the child’s development at any stage.Respect the child to be respected in return.

Make the child feel free, happy, important and enjoying at home.Help your child utilize leisure time efficiently.Monitor your child’s leisure time activities.Involve your child in all kinds of positive activities.

  • Be close to your child so that the child enjoys self-disclosure with you withour inhibition.
  • Earnmark some time for your child talk, interact, appreciate and support the growing child.
  • Concentrate more on the positive aspects of your child and encourage the child to develop the same.Encourage positive competition, discussion and inquisitiveness among children.
  • Tolerate the youngster’s restlessness, accept the child’s discontent and help him/her strive for excellence.
  • Interact regularly with the child regarding classwork, homework/project work.
  • Make the child self-relaint in studies.Help the child plan studies.Be with the child during examination days to help combat examination fear and anxiety.
  • Be diligent, a life filled with motivation and empowered by motivational thoughts will not fail your child in his/her life span.