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First day of Session 2019-20 with Hawan Ceremony

“School bells are ringing loud and clear; let us all look forward for a bright year ahead

“Vacation is over! Today is your day to start fresh, to eat right, to train hard, to live healthy and be proud.”-Bonnie Pfiester

Beginning of the session is a time when we wake up early, happy and joyful, full of anxieties in our hearts thinking about the “The First Day of School”. It is an experience of mixed emotions.

On the first day of Dwarka International School, teachers extended a warm welcome to the children as they stepped into the school and provided support at each step to help them find their respective classes. Children greeted teachers and felt glad catching up with their old friends. New students were given a cordial atmosphere to make them feel cozy and comfortable.

An assembly was conducted in the morning to refresh the students and all prayed for a successful year ahead. Principal ma’am graced the stage and shared a few words to encourage and inspire students for leading another fruitful year. Hawan ritual was performed on the first day for purification of Mind, Body, Soul and the Environment and to instill positivity in the school.

In the classrooms, teachers discussed the code of conduct mentioned in link book aiming to equip children with sincere code of ethics. Self introduction of the students was done in the classes so that each one gets familiar with the class and system followed in school. First day of the school was productive and fun-filled.
All the best to each one associated to the school.