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Motivational Workshop by Dr. Sanjeev Arora

Career Counselling Workshop for Class XI Workshop

A career counselling session was organized by the school, DIS, and it was conducted by Rays Careers, Create you future…. on Saturday, 27th April, 2019 in the school auditorium for class XI students along with their parents. The Resource Person was Mr. Alok Bansal who is recognized as a Career Counsellor who conducts various counselling sessions in schools and colleges. He worked in many renowned companies and worked in different ventures like L&T, Caltex Petroleum, Vice President of ICICI Bank’s insurance arm, Entrepreneur and he features in various shows & seminars organized by Times of India and many leading newspapers & TV shows. The workshop enabled and enlightened the students about choosing a stream in Class 11 and told them to keep in mind the subjects they have always enjoyed studying and which they are good at for their bright future. He has mentioned a few good colleges to pursue their different courses(CLAT,IPM,BMS,SAT,CAT) in future. He guided parents to be supportive when it comes to support their child’s choice as Choices do make a big difference in one’s life. Thus, this workshop was a constructive ,interactive and informative one and we indeed look for such workshops in future as well.

ATL community day celebration at ITL School

On April 24th, ITL community sponsored the event on 3D printing work shop, 4 wheel car design and making of simple Arduino Board Project.
The commencement of event with talk. On “Innovation and Ideation by Robin Kapoor (The Chief Guest) and followed by Mr. Subhajit Bhattacharya (the resource person). During the day participants had the opportunity to attend different workshops.
A key attraction of the event was our DIS Young and talented innovators attending various workshops like (1) 3D printing work shop (2) 4 wheel car design and (3) Robotics. Our DIS innovators were actively participated in all the events. They had dialogue with the experts on various issues like advancement and utility of technology for common people, Cheaper and sustainable technology in the service of people. They tried to know about the working principle of 3D printing. Our talented DIS students completed one of the activity on Robotics before than the scheduled time and gained appreciation from every one. I take pride and look forward for future participation.

Seminar on Teacher Enchancement by Mr. Rajbir (Academic Director)

A seminar was conducted by Mr. Rajbir(Academic Director) on 02nd March 2019 and he discussed the various aspects regarding late comers and getting affiliated with their problems, discipline, almanac rules (code of conduct), and hygiene check, uniform check, build connection & develop a good relationship/trust with children, encouragement motivation, updates to parents regarding their ward through link book, class teachers & house incharges were asked to assign students for their respective duties. So that we can put a joint effort to improve the school discipline and academics.
The seminar was very motivating and inspiring.

Managing Behavior Problems in Adolescents

Workshop on “Managing Behavior Problems in Adolescents- New Challenges” at India International Education Conclave (IIEdC) being organized by ICTRC on February 20,2019 at Seminar Hall, New Conference Block, India International Centre. It was conducted by Dr V.S Ravindran (Educational Psychologist and Trainer). He discussed about Understanding 21st century adolescents-Perspective, Casual factors of behavior problems in adolescents, Prevention and Management of Behavior problems in Adolescents. It was a good interactive session where in counselors got their queries regarding classroom sessions resolved.
The objective of this conclave is to equip with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude for fulfilling noble responsibility.
Shweta Jamwal

Cyber Bullying Workshop by Advocling

The school has organized a workshop for students on `Cyber Bullying’ conducted by Mr. Ashish Choudhary and his team on Monday, 11th February, 2019 in the school auditorium for classes VII , VIII, IX & XI as Cyber Bullying has become an international menace and to overcome such a grave problem; awareness is the only solution. Cyberbullying can affect anyone but is most prominent in today’s youth. If we can curve out this awful behaviour early in their age, they are unlikely to continue down that path. Eliminating cyberbullying will take a combined effort Thus, Mr. Ashish Choudhary and his team from Advocling explained to the children about legalities of Cyber Bullying. They also shared and equipped children with relevant information and tools to empower them to take part in the awareness programme. Therefore, it was an informative and interactive session with the students.


 A workshop on Stress Management and Past Regression was conducted by Saurabh Kumar Gupta of Headword Publications. He discussed about stress its identification and management in our daily life. He shared his own experiences and his clients. It was a good interactive session wherein teachers got their queries regarding classroom sessions resolved. The high point of the session was group hypnosis session which was a unique experience for the participants.  


Mirisha of Collins Publications conducted workshop on 09.01.19 in the school auditorium. The workshop commenced by saying rules of the game by the resource person and also through Power Point Presentation. The resource person shared with the teachers’ how the simple game ‘SCRABBLE’

can be used to build up the vocabulary, mathematical, analytical skills and game spirit. Teachers’ thoroughly enjoyed playing the funfilled game under the guidance of the resource person. 

Workshop – Headword Publication

The workshop was conducted on 7th January 2019 in the school auditorium by Mr. Anil Kumar Tripathi who has been into the field of English Language Teaching for the last 36 years and been associated with so many top publication Houses such as Headword, Oxford, Collins, Sultan Chand etc. He has also served as the Principal of  different Army Schools over the past 18 years. This workshop’s purpose was to enable the teachers with phonetic sounds, the correct usage of the dictionary and each symbol of the phonetic chart represents a sound used in British Southern English, and each symbol has its own unique tongue and lip position. He ensured that teachers would correctly pronounce and practice the words before they teach young learners. The resource person has explained the sounds of Spoken Language with the help of diagrams along with instances. Therefore, this workshop was very informative and constructive as all the teachers participated enthusiastically and put up their queries.

Motivational Workshop by Wave Foundation

An informative workshop was conducted in DIS on September 28, for the students of classes IX -XI. The resource person was Dr. R.K.Prasad, CEO WAVE GLOBAL.
He gave tips to students to improve study habits, sitting postures while studying as these factors affect the brain.
Various topics like Newton’s Law, a human heart’s functions, digestive system etc. were explained through visualisation. He kept asking questions and all the students enthusiastically participated in the rounds.
Drona, a student of class XI Rose was awarded with 80% scholarship for the course as he answered and explained a question asked by the resource person.
Sir motivated the students to participate in competitive exams as that will boost their confidence so that they can achieve their desired goals.
Overall students enjoyed the experience they had during the workshop.

Workshop conducted by Tarsus Ventures

A workshop conducted by Tarsus Ventures was held in the school auditorium on Friday, 27th July, 2018. It was attended by the students of the senior wing. The Resource Persons for the day was the duo of Aneesh Mathew and Nishant Mathew who gave a brief insight into skill development, imbibing professional etiquettes and preparing for success in the modern work place. The key areas of skill development as academic proficiency, communication skills, team work, leadership abilities and impression management were discussed subtly. The focus of the workshop was to enable students develop a positive perception towards self-awareness, empathy, confidence, determination and strength of character, all indispensable traits in the modern work place. The speaker with his articulation skills emphasized on the complexities of the modern work place and how not grooming oneself accordingly and slow down the career progression of an otherwise academically sound student. The curtain fell with the presenter urging the students to begin preparing themselves to face the world and update themselves with the diverse skills required to achieve success. In a nut shell, the session inspired the students to acquire mastery in any field and this can only be accomplished with practice.

Career Counselling Workshop

A career counselling workshop conducted by Transform Future Consulting was held on Wednesday, 25th July, 2018 in the school auditorium. The Resource Persons were Mr. Rohit Choudhri, alumni BITS Pilani and Ms Roopali Mehra, alumni London School of Economics. The workshop enabled the students to realise about the significance of soft skills as critical thinking, effective communication, logical reasoning, problem solving, essentially required to survive in the professional world. However, the highlight of the workshop was exposure to a unique software which apprised students of the subtle and intricate aspects of professional grooming. All the factors as creating a resume, self- assessment, assessment by friends, educators, and why it is important to build a support community were explained and discussed. Students were advised to use the software and avail it to their benefit. An informative session indeed!!


Motivational Workshop – “How to Lead Powerful Life and Achieve your Dreams”

The first day of school after vacations on Thursday 28th June was marked by a motivational workshop, the resource person of which was Dr. Anil Sethi, a well-known motivator, trainer and one of the sorts after speakers. Founder and CEO of GK Group of Companies, Dr. Sethi’s sermon on ‘How to Lead Powerful Life and Achieve your Dreams’ transported the educators to a journey of enlightenment and positivity. The essential traits of faith, trust, love and hope were discussed upon and the inference was drawn that emphasizing on relationships specifically parents, loved ones and valuing them gives essence to the lives and makes a difference. Being grateful and expressing gratitude and saying thanks to each one influencing our lives will definitely make the world a better place to live in.

Career Counselling Workshop for Class XI and XII

A workshop on career counseling, in collaboration with JINA was held in the school auditorium, on Friday, 11th May, 2018, the resource person of which was Mr. Kunal Kumar, an Investment Actuary. He completed his MCA from IIT Delhi and pursued his Masters in Finance from FMS Delhi. He has worked with Zurich Finance as an Investment Actuary and is currently employed with the TATA group.
The workshop explored different career prospects relevant to different streams and emphasized on the importance of having clarity of concepts rather than mere focus on securing marks. The articulation skills of the Resource Person and the content he delivered held the attraction of the students. Brainstorming, debates, discussions made the session interesting as well as stimulating. The highlight of the workshop was however, enlightening the students about the world of actuarial science and the impact it has created over the past few years.
Students could relate with the topic and they lauded the resource person’s ability to connect with them. The experiences, anecdotes and knowledge shared indeed created a difference in the students which were reflected on their faces. They returned confident to the classrooms with a dream in their eyes and wings ready to soar the sky. What a journey of enlightenment it has been!

Career Counselling Workshop

A workshop on career counselling for class X was organised by Career Launcher on Thursday 1st February 2018 in the school auditorium. The Resource Person was Mr. Anubhav Rakheja, a lively and vibrant personality. Mr. Rakheja counselled the students on the different courses of study, job prospects and opportunities, combination of subjects and most importantly which stream to chose for themselves- science, commerce or humanities. All the streams of studies were discussed separately with students being advised to identify their aptitude and skills and then going for the important task of selecting the specific area of study. The session was not only interesting but stimulating as well. Moreover, the session clarified the doubts of the students and busted the so called myth that ‘science is better than commerce and humanities’. A session of enlightenment indeed!!


An informative workshop on Reading and writing skills was conducted at Dwarka International School, by Mrs. Alka Rai, alumni of Jabalpur University and a renowned ELT Trainer.
The workshop commenced with a floral welcome of the Guest In Speaker, by Ms. Soma Banerjee (HOD) English.
Introduction of Phonics to the toddlers, problems children face while solving unseen passages, types of questions one comes across in Reading Comprehensions, tricks to find out the answers at a rapid pace etc. were the main points which were explained thoroughly followed by a fun filled group Activity for Reading.
It was totally an informative and interactive workshop where both- The trainer and the Trainees, enjoyed to their fullest and gathered a bag full of information.
The aura of hers made the ambience full of positivism.


Career Guidance Workshop for Class X and Class XII

A very interactive and enlightening workshop was conducted on 28th November, 2017 by Ms. Manju Arora, HOD of STUDYMATE for 10th and 12th graders. As for the students all the subjects are equally important and have a great weight age for their future prospects, the resource persons enhanced the students’ skills and guided them on “how to crack the board exams” and also helped them how to deal with board exams’ pressure. They also provided key factors that one should keep it in mind while attempting the board exams. The workshop was very conducive and emphasis was on little things that are generally be ignored by students. Focus was on time management, reviews of sample papers and thorough revision of NCERT. They wished them all the very good luck!!!!!!!!!

Workshop on Creativity , Communication and Confidence

A very creative and innovative workshop was conducted for class 8 students regarding “How to become a good Orator?” by Ms. Kanu Priya Sekhri.
The need of being fluent, being confident, and keeping an eye contact while speaking were the key points which were emphasized on. It was a fun filled and knowledgeable workshop as children gathered bag full of knowledge through various fun filled activities and games which were played by them.

Workshop on Career Counselling by Marg Darshak

Workshop on Career Counselling by Marg Darshak (Career linked education council) CEO Mr.R.P.Singh and his team was conducted today in the school auditorium. Students from classes 10th to 12th participated in this workshop.
In this resource person informed the students about various career options and the subjects related to the same. As always right guidance helps to follow the right path in life. It does not matter if you are getting trained for anything which is not of your caliber or interest you can or will pursue the same profession. E.g. if a fish is expected to climb the tree and squirrel to swim in river, it will not be possible even if they are trained for the same. Every individual is different and even talented similarly there are different intelligence with which we come to know about his or her aptitude. At last they gave the students an aptitude test format which they had to fill individually. Overall the workshop was helpful and interesting.


Next Education has organised Pre Primary Teachers Workshop on 7th October 17 at Dwarka International School. About 30 Pre Primary facilitators of different schools attended the workshop. The workshop was on “Glide over Challenges in Preschools “and the resource person Mrs Poonamjeet Kaur of Next Education, conducted the workshop. The workshop covered the major areas like the Common challenges, Pedagogy, Student –Teacher, Parent –Teacher relationship, Curriculum and Activities. It was an interactive workshop was all the members shared their experiences, ideas and teaching methods which were great learning experiences for the teachers. Many innovative teaching methods, Creative Worksheets, Methods and ways to handle Parents and Students were discussed. This workshop helped the participants to enhance their teaching skills and improving Student-Teacher-Parent relation. All the teachers were awarded with a Certificate of Participation, which was followed by a lunch.

Workshop by Jamboree Education for classes XI and XII

Workshop was held by Jamboree Education for classes XI and XII all streams, resource person Mr. Harpreet Singh explained the requirements in Indian Education system and Education System Abroad. The workshop was related to career counseling, how Indian students can apply in the universities abroad. The session was very interactive and informative. Mr. Harpreet Singh also discussed in detail about GRE/GMAT/SAT exams. Main focus of workshop was on How to take decision related to subject/career. Overall it was an interactive session.


Polycystic Ovary Syndrome(PCOS)Workshop

Dwarka International School organized a workshop on “Overall Women‘s Well Being” by Young Concept India for the grown up girls of the school of classes IX-XII. Dr. Sucheta is a Sr. Consultant Gynecologist practicing in Dwarka .She has an experience of over 20 years in obstetrics & gynecology. Presently she is visiting consultant with Max Hospital.
Dr.Sucheta discussed about biological, cognitive, emotional social and hormonal changes at the age of puberty and the problems of pubertal development like irregular menstrual cycles, leucorrhea , obesity , acne etc. She also explained the methods to cope up with these puberty events with healthy diet and exercise .She also discussed about Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and its signs and symptoms which was a new learning for our girls .It was overall an interactive session which also welcomed various queries by the adolescent girls of the school.


“Law is a powerful tool but only if it is understood well”
Dwarka International School organised a workshop on ‘Legal Literacy’, on Friday, 5th May, 2017 for the students of classes XI and XII. The resource person was Mr. Harjeet Singh Jaspal, Metropolitan Magistrate, Dwarka Court, New Delhi. The session kickstarted with the definition of the word ‘law’ and its significance in the society. A brainstorming session followed with students giving different and interesting interpretations and connotations. Thereafter, as the session progressed, the subtle nuances of legal awareness were discussed, urging the students to obey laws for a peaceful co-existence. The myths pertaining to the legal system and courts as depicted in films were busted and replaced with facts and details. Live examples of court were given in form of role-play which enabled all to be acquainted with the diverse cases, situations and occurences of the legal system. A short film on sexual abuse, featuring the concept of safe touch and unsafe touch was shown with the purpose to sensitise and alert students. It was also advised to be vigilant and raise their voice against such incidents even if they are not direcly involved. The workshop was therefore an enlightenment. The knowledge provided illumined the minds of all. The vibrant personality of the guest speaker and his oratorical skills attracted the attention of the students. The questionnaire session evoked good response of the students. They realised legal literacy is an essential component in the empowerment of the common man. An enriching and educative session it was!

Report on Workshop Conducted by
Tony Blair’s Foundation – General Global
Date: May 3, 2017 (Wednesday)
Venue: Apeejay School, Pitampura

The workshop conducted by Ms. Sandhya Gupta (Consultant of Generation Global) and Ms. Ghanapriya (Regional Co-ordinator) of Tony Blair’s Foundation now known as General Global.
The workshop was organised for the school co-ordinators who all are involved in this online community for conducting Video conferencing and team blogging. Generation Global prepares this generation for a world of relentless change and diversity, helping them navigate difference in a peaceful way. The agenda of the workshop was to provide practical support to the school co-ordinators, which they need when they counter religious conflict and extremism during dialogue session in Video conferencing between the students of different schools or either of different communities. The motive was to promote open-minded and stable societies. The emphasis of the workshop was on the quality of dialogue skills that students promote during VC- How student’s dialogue?, What do they dialogue about?, Are they following the rules of dialogue essentials? Etc. Ms. Sandhya focused on the Skills of Dialogues the students should follow while conversation. That are as follows:-
• Speaking honestly, openly and personally.
• Listening deeply and actively to what people are saying.
• Asking good questions that encourage people to tell their stories in more depth and reinforce understanding.
• Thinking critically, analysing what you hear.
• Reflecting on your experiences.
Examples of some VC’s were shown to have some ideas how students react to some hot topics like extremism, human trafficking or hate speech and students become more aggressive during India and Pakistan VC etc.
Sandhya also told us tips- How to train students for VC?
• Initially teach the students from online resources available to the website.
• Divide the students in groups by giving them specific topics to be prepared.
• Let them first research and collect natural data b conversing the topics with their friends, elders etc.
• Pen down the personal thoughts
• Students should be thought to that they are not to compete with anyone, they should have healthy conversation.
• Should develop an habit to agree/ disagree with anyone and listen patiently
• Need to make them aware about their body language and keep smile on the face.
• Everyone should get the chance to speak, nobody should overshadow the other.
Overall it was the great learning experience and eye opener that how hard the teacher’s are working to change this society were where the extremist are trying to spread prejudice , castism, racism all over the globe .
I also got to know that if the school remain active participants in all the activities of Generation Global Foundation then it can apply for the School award too.

Workshop on Child Behaviour and Child Psychology
Resource Person: Dr. Aruna Broota

An enlightening session on child behaviour and child psychology for parents was organized by the school on Saturday, 15th April, 2017, the resource person of which was Dr. Aruna Broota, a renowned Clinical Psychologist. The session kick started with the introduction of Dr. Broota and her reputation as acclaimed mental health expert in the corporate as well as the education sector. With the progress of the workshop, many secrets of mind-transformation were unlocked, thus demystifying everyday success-paths for common people, specifically parents. Dr. Broota consistently cited numerous examples and situations to enable parents to realize that parenting is a conscious effort which requires possessing good communication skills, patience and persistence, respect for each other as well as acknowledgement and appreciation of their children’s diverse traits and eventually developing a positive attitude towards all and life in general. Furthermore, the audience appreciated her wit and wisdom, when she uttered the mantra to a happy family which is to complement each other as husband and wife rather than competing with each other. She urged the parents to be careful with their behaviour and set themselves as role models, as the unconscious mind of the child imitates the conduct of their parents. The family should respect the mother in front of the child as this will be his first lesson to respect women too, addiction to phone will lead the child to addiction too, rules to be set and any kind of unfortunate situation should be curbed before it goes out of control. The workshop was thus an enriching journey of enhancement of mind-body-soul, a rare fusion of intellect, passion and compassion..

Workshop on Mathematics Skills

The School organized a workshop on Maths by Ms. Rajlaxmi on Friday (24.03.2017) to utilize the time in a fruitful way. The workshop began with the introductory note. The workshop is conducted with an objective to enhance Mathematical skills among the students, as the mathematical problem solving has become an essential part in every core of competitive world. SSS KIT (sheet, strip, slip) was introduced in the workshop to clear the four fundamental operations to students in an easy and better way. Square root, Cube root, and some vedic maths tricks were covered in the workshop. The resource person a leading expert enthralled the teachers with brilliant ways of solving complicated mathematical calculations in simple impressive ways followed by an interactive session with teachers. Really useful and thoroughly enjoyed the skills and ideas that brought to the table and the way in which the discussions leads to looking at how they could be used in the classroom.

Workshop on Effective Teaching

A workshop was organised by Ms. Shallu Mehra on Thursday, 23rd March 2017 about the `Effective Teaching’ whereas she has covered many other topics such as time management , class management and the types of teachers we do have in this profession. She made this workshop little interesting by putting through a variety of questions and expected elaborated answers. She also conducted an activity through which she wanted to prove how one can enhance many aspects of students’ life. For e.g. Is there any area where you would like to improve yourself ?

The teachers of DIS answered very well and it was further more elaborated by Ms. Shallu which will surely help each one of us to manage our class rooms by picking and using many effective tools. Further she continued the workshop by explaining the different types of teachers as ` authoritarian, authoritative, laiseez faire and indifferent with the help of various examples. Thereafter we were shown a small presentation and a questionnaire was given to all the teachers just to enhance ourselves related to class room management.

In the end , she summed up by providing handouts to all the teachers for effective teaching.


Parent Stress During Boards (Class XII)
Resource Person: Dr. Archana Sharma, Clinical Psychologist and counsellor
Dated : 03-02-2017, Time : 9am-10am
Parents of Board examinees also get stress symptoms similar to what their children experience, said Dr.Archana Sharma today at a counselling session held especially for parents of students of Class XII who would be sitting for their Boards this year.
The workshop was organized at the auditorium of the School , it focused on the role of parents in helping a child deal with exam stress and ensuring a home environment conducive to study. The symptoms, causes and consequences of stress were discussed extensively with parents in an open forum. Parents undergo symptoms like disturbed sleep, anxiety, appetite, mood swings and withdrawal, like the children do at this time,” added Dr. Archana. As parents we need to help children relax and concentrate, instead of increasing pressure on them.
Family pressure, adds to the self-expectation of students, multiplying stress levels. “A child can feel alienated from his/her family and parents if too much pressure is put on him or her. Ego clashes, force children to withdraw from discussing their problems with parents said school counselor Ms Anupama Khashu,
Dr. Archana emphasized the importance of a correct diet, relaxation and the importance of communication between student and parents. She stressed on the need to allow the child to set their own pace of preparation. If the parent starts having sleepless nights worrying about the child’s future, they need to remember that the pressure on the child is similar, if not greater. When asked about what should be done if parents find their ward spending more time taking breaks than spending on studies, child psychologist Dr. Archana Sharma said, Different students have different standards and methods of learning, and parents need to help them identify their capabilities and work towards the goal. Some stress relieving ideas were also suggested like breathing exercises, drinking atleast 7-8 glasses of water in a day.

Workshop on Anger Management

A workshop on anger management was organized at Dwarka International School on 27th January, 2017 for the students of classes 9th, 10th and 11th. The guest speakers for the workshop were Mr. Anil Kaushik and Dr. Gautam Mishra . The work shop was highly interactive and enlightening for the students. Dr. Gautam Mishra is an expert in training the children various anger management skills. Sir gave his valuable tips to the students to practice handling anger. The subjects addressed in the program were mainly anger triggers, anger cues, anger styles, the consequences of angry behavior followed by effective ways of expressing anger, handling anger constructively, and responding to others’ anger.
The workshop was very interactive and the students participated actively throughout the session. The students shared their angry encounters they recently faced. Sudarshina of class IX shared her perspective on managing anger. She shared her mantra of being calm and composed most of the times. Students openly spoke about the stress they go through while handling parental pressure. Taanshi of class XI remarked that children of her age find it difficult to manage stress and this results in undesirable frustration followed by outburst of anger. After hearing from the children Dr.Gautam made the children realize that anger is a well justified emotion of a man’s life. What matters is how we react to a situation. Sir gave numerous tips for handling anger in a positive way like deep breathing, watching laughter shows, talking to buddies and self judgement.
As a gesture of gratitude, Mementos were presented to the guests by the esteemed members of the management.
The vote of thanks was proposed by the academic director Mr.Rajbeer Singh Gehlot and the principal Ms. Poonam Jha.

Workshop on Career Counselling for Class X students

Dated : 25 Jan’ 2017
Participants : Students from Class- X
Resource Person: Ms.Anila Bhatara( Founder Chairman of AB Tutorial)
The workshop was very motivational, resource person started with the major problems faced by teenagers like time management, Anger management, selection of career. Dilemma while making decisions for career. Different career options and related subjects was also discussed. Career planning, self assessment, understanding the subject etc. was discussed too. Some motivational videos were also shown to students apart from giving example of great leaders. It was an interactive and interesting session. Students were satisfied with their queries.

Social Graces and Table Etiquettes

No. of classes attended: 9th and 10th
Venue: School Auditorium
Date : 20th Dec’16
Workshop Presenter: Mrs Vandana Tandon, (Consultant TOI)

“Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot”. Workshop was all about personality development, use and importance of golden words like Please, Sorry & Excuse Me. Mrs.Vandana taught the students how to be presentable as per the event or occasion, how to be present themselves in front of others through the body language. She taught the students through fun filled techniques and it was thoroughly enjoyed by the students. She taught them that how a person should stand, walk and sit in correct and impressive posture. Dinning etiquettes were also taught to students with the help of objects like fork, spoon, knife, plates etc. She started with how to lay the table, take your elbows off the table. Sit up straight, don’t slouch. How to use cutlery, don’t chew with your mouth open and don’t talk with your mouth full. It was overall an interesting session students participated with great enthusiasm and excitement throughout the session.

Workshop on Clay Modelling

Resource Person: Mr.Dal Chand
Dated: 16th December’16
Venue: School Auditorium
Attended by: Classes 3rd to 5th

“Creativity is an area in which younger people have a tremendous advantage, since they have an endearing habit of always questioning past wisdom and authority”. Students from classes 3rd to 5thattended the workshop in groups they were thrilled and excited to give different shapes to the clay. They learnt how to make fish, flower, basket, different fruits, Ganesha, crocodile, birds etc.
Mr. Dal Chand was able to influence and teach children how to mould the clay in different objects and the session was a great success.

Personality development, Communication skills and Behaviour related to eating habits

Resource Person: Dr. Sanjeev Arora
Dated: 15th December’16
Venue: School Auditorium
Attended by: Classes 6th to 8th

“ Health is wealth” the clicked proverb was discussed explicitly in this session by Dr. Sanjeev Arora. The session started off with the discussion about uniformity and and children were taught about the importance of being united as a common entity.
Dr. Sanjeev also mentioned about the most important aspect of life, i.e. ‘Respecting others’. A person can only gain respect if he/she respects others.
The session proved to be an interactive one as children were keenly participating.
Dr.Sanjeev talked about the mantra of leading a successful life. He mentioned the following rules:
• Eat healthy diet
• Have confidence
• Face fear
• Be disciplined
• Correct body posture
• Clarify doubts
• Keep smiling
• Be respectful
Children were asked about the relation between their eating habits and aggression and it was hence explained by doctor that eating a lot of junk food leads to an aggressive behavior as cholesterol gets build up in our bodies and blocks the regular flow of blood making one feel easily irritated and aggressive. Therefore, one should make healthy choices of food every day.
Dr. Sanjeev was able to influence the children for healthy eating habits and the session proved to be a great success.

Anxiety Management

Resource Person: Ms. Vandana Tandon
Dated : 2oth December 16
Venue : School Auditorium
Attended by: Classes XI – XII

Anxiety can affect your health. If you suffer from an anxiety disorder, you may run a higher risk of experiencing physical health problems. So when you manage your anxiety, you’re also taking care of your physical health.
Whether you have everyday stress and anxiety or an anxiety disorder, you can learn strategies to help you manage your anxiety, even in your workplace.
Exercising, good nutrition, adequate sleep, and trying to reduce stress all contribute to your well-being.
General Exam Stress-Busting Tips
Believe in yourself. If you prepare for the exams properly you should do fine, meaning that there is no need to worry excessively.
Don’t try to be perfect. It’s great to succeed and reach for the stars, but keep things in balance. If you think that “anything less than a 2.1 means I’ve failed” then you are creating mountains of unnecessary stress for yourself. Aim to do your best but do recognise that none of us can be perfect all of the time.
Take steps to overcome problems. If you find you don’t understand some of your course material, getting stressed out won’t help. Instead, take action to address the problem directly by seeing or talking to your Tutor or getting help from your classmates.

Enlightening the Memory

Resource Person: Ms Aditi Singhal
Dated: 19 th December
Venu : School Auditorium
Attended by: Classes IX-XI

Memory is the process by which information is encoded, stored, and retrieved. Encoding allows information from the outside world to be sensed in the form of chemical and physical stimuli.
The workshop was conducted by Dr. Aditi Singhal, co-founder of Dynamic Minds Group , is the generation next educationist. She has also been awarded “The Best Memory Trainer” by the Indian Book of Records.Her Mantra is “ADD SMART WORK TO YOUR HARD WORK”.
The students were taught effective methods of enlightening Mind And Memory by teaching them simple technique on memorizing simple calculation, Periodic Table etc.

Vedic Maths

Resource Person: Mr. Faisal
Dated : 21th December 16
Venue : School Auditorium
Attended by: Classes VI to VIII

“ The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics. “

The workshop was all about learning the use of mathematics in easy and fastest way. Mohd Fisal who is a three times Gunnies World record holder in sharp memory. He started by explaining the difference between Mind and Brain. He named the concept of Vedic Math’s as Speed Math’s.
Different Vedic Math’s techniques/ tricks were discussed and how to learn table of 9 and 2 digit tables using distributive property was also explained.
Students used the concepts by solving the given questions at workshop. Overall it was an informative and enriching session.

Consensus Building Discussion

TOPIC: Consensus Building Discussion ( Project CACA)
Dated: 13th December’16
Venue: St. Marks Senior Sec. Meerabagh

Workshop was organized by the NGO ‘SAI’ on project CACA i.e. Children Against Child Abuse. Discussion was all about how to make the children, society aware about Good touch and Bad touch, Self-awareness, self-respect and prevention of child sexual abuse. These all topics they have tried to explain with the help of Safety Workbooks which include interesting stories and role plays.In this even POCSO Act(2012) has also been taken as a main consideration as one of the character in the story is named POCSO. Resource person Ms.Neerja Zutshi explained the method how to read the story to the students at junior level, discussion included even how science teachers can help the students to understand Biology topics in better and clear way. Awareness about child-centric illustrative POCSO E-Box was also discussed.



VENUE: N.K. Bagrodia Global World School                                                             Date: 11.5.17

  • Empowering special needs children through education. ( Dr. Anita Mishra- Counsellor and Therapist)
  • Code of conduct for children with special needs.(Dr. Jagmit Kaur- Neurologist and Physiotherapist)

A workshop was organized in N.K. Bagrodia Global World School on “Empowering special needs children through education by Dr. Anita Mishra- Counsellor and Therapist and Code of conduct for children with special needs by Dr. Jagmit Kaur- Neurologist and Physiotherapist.

Dr. Anita started the workshop with the quotes “Every teacher is a counsellor”. She explained about the special needs of special children and the learning disabilities faced by them. She further said that teacher should connect and reciprocate with them. Following activities will be helpful in enhancing their formation of letters like writing through water colours, crayons (with coarse structure), mud painting etc. Scribbling walls or doodling and rainbow writing are another effective technique to enhance their learning. Clay activity helps in strengthening the muscle for writing. Studying for longer duration creates monotony, in order to break that monotony various memory games, brain drill activity and icebreakers should be included.
At the end, it is not always necessary that children suffering from special needs are less smart for e.g. Einstein, Walt Disney etc.