Houses & Clubs


“Always work hard, never give up, and fight until the end because it’s never really over until the whistle blows.”
Sport has the power to inspire, it has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. Playing sports builds your personality and teaches you to live life in a better way. Getting involved in such activities teaches good values, ethics, and skills in your life. The person starts to have a positive outlook towards life and can easily deal with obstacles in their life. inter-house Keeping with the same, a final inter-house VOLLEYBALL match was played between Pitamber House and Gopeshwar House on 15 October 2022 in the school playground. The occasion was graced by the Director of Academics, Mr. Rajbir Singh to motivate and build team spirit among students. Gopeshwar House emerged victorious. The team could be seen jubilantly celebrating its victory after the match. Well done Gopeshwar House! Nonetheless, Pitamber House too played with an enthusiastic team spirit.

School Houses

To enhance the students participation in various cultural and co-curricular activities, students of class III onwards are grouped into houses namely:


  • Madhugune: Madhugune means one who makes good victorious over evil, in other words, Lord Krishna.Red is the synbol of enerygy and power others.
  • Vasudev : Vasudev means the lord of the earth.Green symbolizes greenery and prosperity.
  • Pitamber : Pitamber means one who wears yellow, that is , Lord Krishna, Yellow Symbolizes liveliness.
  • Gopeshwar : Gopeshwar means the god of the gwalas that is, Lord Krishna. Blue sumbolizes love and Peace.

Each house has its own house uniform in alotted colours and house flag.House uniform is to be worn by the students on weekdays as precribed by the school.


We at Dwarka International School emphasize on learning by doing.So, different clubs of school undertake various activities which help the students in having a harmonious development of their personality.

  • Shakespheare Club :- The club undertakes various activities and explore the dramatic talent of the students by conducting dramas, plays and skits on a regular basis.
  • Ramanujan Club :- The maths club of the school enhances the problem solving abilities the students and teachers maths in a fun way by conducting various activities.
  • Kabir Club : The Hindi club helps to build teh confidence of the students by conducting activities like khani vachan,doha pravachan,vadh-vivadh and natak manchan.
  • Cyber Club : The cyber club of the school counsel the students about website programming,website development, animation using flash, Ms-Powerpoint, application programming and many more.
  • Astronomy Club :The club develops and fosters one’s curiosity in the mysterious universe of matter and the secrets of the atom in the space.
  • Art & Craft Club : The club inspires the students to express themselves through paint and brush and through various craft activities.
  • Revolution Club: The club undertakes activities related to social science.It creates awareness of the social relevant issues and world around.It also fosters a scientific approach towards the subject.
  • Environment Club: The club develops the habit of observation and students are encourged to apply reasons to observed facts before believing in anything.
  • Quiz Club : The Quiz club conducts quiz on various topics and promotes inquisitiveness.

Inter – House Competitions Result

“Our handwriting style depicts our personality traits”.

An English Calligraphy Competition (for class IV-V) was organized on 25th November 2019.The motive of the competition was to improve the presentation skills and to inculcate the habit of good handwriting among students. All students of Grades IV and V participated in the competition. The assessment was done on the basis of writing style, curves and patterns, legibility and neatness, beautification etc.

The School organised a Story Telling Competition which was held on 22nd November 2019 for the students of class III-V as part of CBSE activity. The students had to choose a topic from any one subject (English, Hindi, Maths or EVS).
Children got an excellent opportunity to exhibit their talent and confidence. The competition inspired the children to come forward and exhibit their thoughts (story – based) on their subjects.
The topics chosen by the students were – Preposition, Subject Verb agreement, Division, Time in two ways, Varn Vichaar, Swar aur Vyanjan, photosynthesis…
The participants presented different stories on their chosen topic with great zeal and enthusiasm. The time limit given was two minutes. The criteria for Assessment was Creativity, Fluency, Content Delivery, Coherence and Expressions.
The students thoroughly enjoyed the activity.

Just a Minute Interhouse Competition -Class III

An Inter-house JAM(Just A Minute) Activitywas organised on 6th November 2019 for the students of class-III. Children got an excellent opportunity to exhibit their talent and confidence.
The students had prepared their chosen topics with great dedication and they delivered it enthusiastically. Students spoke confidently on various subjects. They spoke on Topics like ‘Good Habits & Bad Habits’, ‘Air Pollution’, ‘Books’, ‘Famous Personalities’, ‘Effect of Smogg’ etc…
The activity was successful in enhancing the speaking skills of the students. It gave them the confidence to speak on any subject without hesitation, deviation or repetition. The activity was not only educative but informative also.
The students enjoyed the activity as each one of them was given the target to present in just one minute.
The school authority extends heartiest congratulations to all the participants for their efforts.

Interhouse Patriotic Song Competition

An interhouse patriotic song competition was organized on 08 and 09 Aug 2019 for class VII and VIII . This helped the children to expose to music while enhancing their Song and presentation skills. The students showed their enthusiasm and eagerness to show case their talent.

Inter House Hindi Debate Competition

Class IX
Position Name Class House
I Diksha Joshi IX Madhugune
II Aryan Maan IX Pitamber
III Sanya Pandey IX Madhugune

Inter House English Debate Competition

Classes VIII & IX
Position Name Class House
I Sanya Negi IX Gopeshwar
II Tia Rathore VIII Vasudev
III Anuja Maharaj IX Madhugune

Inter House Hasya Kavita Pratiyogita

Classes VI & VII
Position Name Class House
I Shrishti VII Gopeshwar
II Aditi VII Madhugune
III Isha VII Madhugune
Harshita VI Vasudev
Consolation Parth VII

Inter House Graffiti Competition

Class IX
Position Name Class House
I Pavani IX Pitamber
Manya IX Pitamber
Anuja Maharaj IX Pitamber
Aniket IX Pitamber
II Aryan Mann IX Vasudev
Harsh Dagar IX Vasudev
Kanika Shokeen IX Vasudev
Harsh IX Vasudev
III Saara Siddiqui IX Gopeshwar
Aprajita IX Gopeshwar
Arunima Karn IX Gopeshwar
Ishaana Karki IX Gopeshwar

Inter House Ad Mad Competition

Classes VI & VIII
First position is bagged by Vasudev House in both Social and Commercial Advertisement Category
Social Rishab Dhaiya VIII Vasudev
Tamanna Singh VIII Vasudev
Divyansh VIII Vasudev
Rakshan Rana VI Vasudev
Pulkit Sikri VI Vasudev
Adarsh VI Vasudev
Vishal Tomar VI Vasudev
Yashavi Awasthi VI Vasudev
Commercial Annanya VIII Vasudev
Sukriti Jha VIII Vasudev
Saanvi Arora VIII Vasudev
Prikishit Thakur VIII Vasudev
Vasu VIII Vasudev
Palak VI Vasudev
Yashika Rajput VI Vasudev

Inter House Calligraphy Competition

Position Name Class House
I Shreya Jha VI Gopeshwar
II Dhanya Singh VI Pitamber
III Bhavya Yadav VI Gopeshwar
I Harman Kaur VII Vasudev
II Tanish Bhatt VII
III Aditi Arya Sharma VII Madhugune
I Ila Sharma VIII Madhugune
II Shona Kumar VIII Pitamber
III Saanvi VIII Vasudev

Inter house Hasya Kavita Competition