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Pariksha Par Charcha by honourable PM Mr. Narendra Modi

Dwarka International School screened the fifth edition of ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’ addressed by the Honourable Prime Minister of India Sh. Narendra Modi in the school auditorium. Students of classes X and XII attended the session and empowered themselves. A variety of questions asked by students of schools across India enriched their minds with knowledge and wisdom. The questions pertaining to intricacies of examination were answered appropriately by the Prime Minister. Students appreciated his wit and humour as he tackled complicated questions with ease. The National Education Policy 2020 was also brought to light; the necessity to draft a new education policy and the need of blending technology with classroom teaching was elucidated. The take-away of the programme was learning to differentiate between the execution and purpose of online and offline teaching and counselling students on examination phobia and the urge to chase their dreams without any inhibitions.

Workshop on Stress Management by Ali Zama (National Head- Trianing & Development)

workshop on Art Integration In Education

Mrs Jasmine Kaur Dhillion conducted a workshop on ‘Art Integration in Education.’ The workshop initiated with an activity.
Art integrated education is a cross-curricular approach to teaching and learning. It is based on collaboration between the teachings of a subject with the teaching of art. Art is the creative expression of an individual. This expression can be verbal, written, an enactment or it can be visual or any other form that has the potential or the ability to communicate human thoughts.
Artistic expression in music, poetry, and dance theatre and in the creation of forms has been an integral part of a human’s growth and development. Cave paintings and potteries found during excavation clearly indicate the importance of art since the beginning of human civilization. Art has the power of expressing the innermost thoughts of an individual.
The integration is meant not only to make the learning process joyful, but it also lends itself to imbibing a greater appreciation and understanding of the art form being utilized for this purpose.
Videos related to oceans and continents, a poem on fossils were shown for subject enrichment. The workshop ended by showing a video of a song sung by Lady gaga, where the completed French Revolution was narrated. It was an enlightening session.

Workshop on 21st Century Skills For Happy Teachers

A workshop on the topic, 21st Century Skills for Happy Teachers was conducted by Ms Meera Kohli.
The workshop started off with an ice breaking session. The resource person explained about the 4C’s of effective teaching:
(a) Collaboration (b) Communication (c) Creativity (d) Critical Thinking
She also stressed upon the essential characteristics of a 21st century educator like Relationship Builder, Learner, Inclusive, Reflective, Network, Innovator, Leader, Story Teller, Designer, Architect.
Ms. Meera also referred that the skills of a 21st century teacher are : Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, Information Literacy, Media Literacy, Technological Literacy, Flexibility, Leadership, Initiative, Productivity, Social skills
A few books like’ Tuesdays with Morrie’ and ‘Reflective Teachers’ were referred by the resource person. A podcast ‘Teach like a Toddler’ and a story on ‘Rabbit and Turtle’ on Youtube.
The session ended by showing many quotes. One of them was:
“Everything we experience
From food to clothes to shelter
The comforts & luxuries we enjoy…..
Are all reward from the work we do.
So, revere your workplace
Let your work be your prayer.”

Workshop for Teacher on “How to Wow in Life and Classroom” by Mr. Kamalneet Singh (7-1-2020)

The workshop on -”How to Wow in Life and Classroom” was conducted in the school auditorium by the mindset coach and TEDx speaker Mr. Kamalneet Singh. The workshop started with a positive note as to how to make your classroom discussions interactive and interesting. He did a couple of activities with the teachers which they can further implement in their classroom situations to break the monotony and make their lessons effective. He gave a belief quadrant-Thoughts- Beliefs-Actions- Results and explained how they are interrelated to each other. He emphasized on the inclusion of OTST (On The Spot Thinking) among the students and other such activities like extempore, debates, elocution, declamation etc. that teach the children how to think out of the box and implement their ideas in real life situations. It was a very interactive and an enlightening session.

Workshop on Cyber Safety by Mr, Gurpreet (Kips Publications)

Workshop conducted for classes 6th 7th and 8th organized by S.P.E.A.K (school Programme for Emotional Acceptance and Knowledge)

Workshop focused on initiating a dialogue amongst school children about mental health and its importance. SPEAK 2019 is the first of its kind programme across schools of Delhi NCR, with an expected participation of over 200 schools.
The aim of the campaign is to create awareness and build interest towards mental health among students from a young age while imparting relevant knowledge to tackle and destigmatize the issues pertaining to mental health.

Rally on Solid Waste Management

Dwarka International School organized a rally on 21/8/2019 in Sec-12 Dwarka to spread awareness on Solid Waste Management.
Solid waste management is a term that is used to refer to the process of collecting and treating solid wastes. It also offers solutions for recycling items that do not belong to garbage or trash. The purpose of the Solid Waste Management is to ensure solid waste is managed in such a way that protects both public health and the environment. The most important reason for waste collection is the protection of the environment and the health of the population.
The students made a great effort in making informative posters and banners. They presented a street play on the importance of cleanliness and waste management. Their play took the attention of everyone aroubd.They also made short handouts to be handed over the public so that they can take them along and follow the rules of waste management. The students recited the slogans with great energy and tried to make people aware of importance of solid waste management. They explained them the meaning of 3Rs. (Reduce , Recycle and Reuse.)
The Rally sensitized the public about their responsibility to save mother earth and make it a place , a heaven to live.



A workshop on ‘How to prevent mosquito breeding’ was conducted in the school auditorium on 16 Aug’19 ( Friday ) in the presence of Academic Director Mr.Rajbir Gahlot and Area Malaria Inspector Mr SD Sharma .
Children were told how diseases like Malaria ,Dengue and Chikungunya are spread through stagnant water and how they can keep their surroundings clean. They were advised to use mosquito repellents at home and prevent themselves from mosquito bite.This workshop was quite fruitful for all the students.

Life Skill Workshop by Brahma Kumari

The students of class VIII were enlightened by the enriching speech and work shop conducted by two members from the Bhramh Kumari Ashram. They spoke to the students about the significance of forgiving others. They also taught the students about the skills related to charging the mind, body and soul so that they can be more relaxed and focused in their studies as well as personal life. They motivated the students to practice meditation and also taught the various techniques for the same. It was an enriching experience for the students and they thoroughly enjoyed it.


An informative workshop was conducted in the school auditorium on July 31, 2019 for the students of classes XI & XII. The resource person was Ms.Karishma Batra who has worked for various Law firms in Delhi and is presently working as a Deputy Manager Outreach with Ashoka University. The workshop enabled the students to realize that a liberal education degree can take them to the top graduate and professional schools or land them good jobs that are at the very core of shaping the world.The resource person emphasized on the complexities of the modern work place and how employers today are looking for leaders who can think critically and possess the ability to respond and adapt in a rapidly changing work environment.However, the highlight of the workshop was the significance of soft skills as critical thinking, effective communication, logical reasoning, problem solving, learn about the domestic and foreign cultures, essentially required to survive in the professional world and pursue their career options wisely. Overall students enjoyed the experience they had during the workshop. Thus, it was a constructive and informative workshop and we indeed look forward to have such workshops in future as well.